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Summer is creeping up on us again
Summer is creeping up on us again

May 29, 2019 by Administrator

Our elusive summer is now hopefully creaping...

As summer approaches
As summer approaches

Apr 14, 2018 by Administrator

Now is the time to address all your summer...

for makers and creators

Feb 9, 2017 by Administrator

This is areally short blog, its for all my...

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For three years, Ian Black has been our mainstay for all things graphic for Ottawa House Museum in Parrsboro. Our new interpretive plan involved a complete redesign of everything from our logo to small directional signs, large interpretive panels and roadside signs. 

Fast and talented, Ian takes one’s ideas to a much higher level with his quick and creative mind and magic fingers! And when there is a blank page for him to start with, there is no limit to what he can dream up. 

His business is a tremendous asset to this small town; we are fortunate indeed to have such a service so close at hand. 

Harriet McCready

As summer approaches

Posted on Apr 14, 2018 by Administrator

As summer approaches

Now is the time to address all your summer printing!

Like anything in Parrsboro and by extension our surrounding area, advertising is a seasonal endeavor. Your business might carry different products in the summer than in the winter, or your service-based business may offer a different range of capabilities depending on the season. Advertising especially in Parrsboro needs to keep up with these changes and adapt to the season. With summer fast approaching, it’s time to consider the potential for your summertime signage, and other promotional literature  like your business cards and Rackcards, Brochures etc. Are you displaying your summer hours, has your tired old business cards gotten their much needed facelift?

Why print now?

Summer as we know is approaching fast, it wont wait for us to get ready, So it’s prevalent to consider your printing needs right now. In doing so, you’ll stay ahead of the curve, and any competitors, you will be ready to handle the sudden influx of our summer customers, With that out the way you will be able to focus your attention elsewhere during the busy season.

Also, it’s important to remember that staying ahead of the competition is the secret to winning over seasonal summertime business. If your business has signage up and on display right as the summer season starts, you may win over customers from your competitor down the street, who has yet to get their summer messaging out. Of their signage is starting to show its past its best. So check your signage and see what needs updating or replaced.

 Tips for effective summer signs

Simply having summer signage isn’t always enough. The easier your signage is to see from a distance or among a crowd, the more impressions you’ll make throughout the season. You need to also make sure your signage, logo etc all work in harmony with your  business cards, your Rackcards, brochures etc. It needs to flow wherever your customers may see you. Creating your brand.

 Biggest tip

Perhaps the biggest tip for summer signage success, however, is to partner with Design Studio 243 for professional design and print services. We’ll make sure your summer signage and printed material is optimized for success—we can even be your marketing experts for how to deploy your summer signage to reach its maximum audience and effectiveness! Why us? 

We are local, we shop local, we want to promote local. Contact us today. We are in Parrsboro and are easy to contact. Just see below.