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For three years, Ian Black has been our mainstay for all things graphic for Ottawa House Museum in Parrsboro. Our new interpretive plan involved a complete redesign of everything from our logo to small directional signs, large interpretive panels and roadside signs. 

Fast and talented, Ian takes one’s ideas to a much higher level with his quick and creative mind and magic fingers! And when there is a blank page for him to start with, there is no limit to what he can dream up. 

His business is a tremendous asset to this small town; we are fortunate indeed to have such a service so close at hand. 

Harriet McCready


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By far the best customer service and turn around time by anyone, ever....Ian went above and beyond to design and produce Racks Cards and Street Signs for me incredibly efficiently and effectively like no one I have ever seen. Customer Service is beyond compare....Design Studio 243 is the only print shop I will ever order from again! Ian you deserve a vacation and a medal! Thanks again!!

Pleasant Street Inn Jul 29, 2021
Tim Forbes

All new decals and sidewalk sign made for High Tides Country Market! Ian did a great job had great advice and very quick service!!!!!!

Tim Forbes May 18, 2020
Crystal Taylor

I started a project for our graduates of 2020. Since they won't have a normal graduation this year do to Covid-19. I wanted to have banners made and hung in our town to help celebrate this milestone for these grads. I received amazing support from community members and businesses to sponsor a banner. Ian was so helpful, designed a community congratulations banner for me. His service was very fast. 
min total Ian made 28 banners for us, and his busin... read more

Crystal Taylor May 17, 2020
Alexandra Robin

Ian is incredible. He's willing to go above and beyond to support the local creative community, and he'll do the same for your business. He's a fantastic designer, a quick wit, and always ready with a solution to any complication that might come up.

His work has been invaluable both to The Ship's Company this and to my own projects this year, and I look forward to working with Ian for years and years to come.

Alexandra Robin Jul 15, 2019

I needed a particular and quite unique design, for my project. With the help of the internet, I dealt with multiple designers from 3 different countries to try to have them understand my vision. None of them were able to meet my expectations, they all took weeks. Then the results were so far off the mark it was laughable.
Ian listened to my visions, and through asking relevant and precise questions, he had the exact design I wanted.
It was as ... read more

Neil Jun 23, 2019

Ian Black continues to be our never-fail wizard when it comes to designing and printing materials for Ottawa House Museum.  

We take him a vague idea of what we think we might want, and VOILA!, he comes up with really creative approaches. Often helps us to see potential in something we had not even thought of. He amazes us with his fast turnaround and willingness to go above and beyond expectations. 

Harriet McCready

Harriet Nov 28, 2018
Sandy Graham

We gave Design Studio 243 a print job that required top quality and a quick turn around. Throughout, Ian helped stick-handle various changes to copy and design, with helpful suggestions for improving appearance, efficiency and cost. A professional we enjoyed working with!

Sandy Graham Nov 22, 2018
Julie MacMillan

Ian Black is very patient with his not-so-tech-savvy clients, speaking from experience.  He has a very quick turnaround time for project completion.  He is indeed very talented at design and implementation.  It is so wonderful to have him on main street in Parrsboro.

Julie MacMillan Nov 20, 2018
Sandra Tanner

Ian provide fast and accurate service and always takes the time to discuss all options.Parrsboro is fortunate to have him and Cheryl here. Its great to see people support local and small town!

Sandra Tanner Nov 19, 2018
Suzanne Burchell

Ian is a ompetent and personable entrepeneur of grahics. He has helped me publish 2 books and made sure I could afford the costs. He had excellent ideas for an anniversary party ie a banner I did at the Ottawa House. His prices are so reasobale and the quality of product and service excellent .Ian is an asset to Parrsboro buiness.

Suzanne Burchell Nov 19, 2018
Antoine Gerard Cormier

Ditto to the testimonial from Harriet.  Ian's work for my Academy of the Inner Smile included business cards and signage.

His design ideas were able to vastly improve my drafts.  Plus, service was quick and friendly.  Thank you Ian!

Gerard Cormier

Antoine Gerard Cormier Nov 18, 2018
Randy Mosher

I am both the Custodian and the Interpretive Plan Chairman for the Ottawa House Museum in Parrsboro. Ian has been invaluable in helping our Historical Society with the rehabilitation and upgrade of our Museum. His creative input - "thinking outside the box", his designs, the rapid production and installation of both basic signage and many, many "Interpretive Panels" is second to none.

As Volunteers, our Society managed hundreds of thousands of dol... read more

Randy Mosher Nov 17, 2018
Tracy Wise

Fast, friendly, and extreemly helpful. Ian is very talented, creative extreemly knowledgeable always on hand to offer the highest standard of service, to assist you in coming up with great and creative ideas to assist you in business or individual needs. Would highly recommend Ian at Studio 243

Tracy Wise Nov 17, 2018

Design Studio has always offered fantasic products, that goes with out saying as I have been a return customer many many times.  Its their service that truly sets them apart. Ian can be abrasive, But I have learnt his mind is going over 20 things when your thinking about 1. You ask for a decal, he is thinking about colours, applying, how it will adhere to your item. How it may translate onto other things, will it scale. He asks a lot of questions. However... read more

John Oct 4, 2018
Parrsboro Mansion

Thank you, Ian and Cheryl, for your perfect service of 14 years! You never disappoint. We remember your stay at our Mansion when you came to Parrsboro for the first time and swimming in the pool together.


Parrsboro Mansion Oct 4, 2018
Ottawa House

Ian Black 


For three years, Ian Black has been our mainstay for all things graphic for Ottawa Hous... read more

Ottawa House May 18, 2018
Jay Grant
Just want to thank Ian for the unbeleivable job he has done on our signs. From concept to delivery, it was just over 24 hours!  He took the time to speak with us about our vision and offered invaluable advice. A few emails later and our signs were delivered only a couple of hours later. Tremendous job Ian! Would highly recommend Profusion Business Centre to any one with a business. Jay Grant Riverview Cottages.
Jay Grant Sep 16, 2017
Chris Lavin

Always a fast friendly service & nothing would be too much trouble for this legend!

Chris Lavin Jun 15, 2017
Denise Anderson

Ian is amazing. Finished our logo, had business cards printed and put on an early morning bus so we could have them right away. The logo and cards are great. Ian you went above and beyond!! Best customer service, especially in this day and age where customer service is very rare. Thank you

Denise Anderson Jun 15, 2017
Troy Melanson
Thank you Ian for taking our simple design for our taxi's and designing our great new logo for our business. You went above and beyond and we are very happy. The logos look great on the cars and we look forward to getting more promotional things from you. Thanks a lot Troy Melanson and Sharon Doncaster. PS Sharon and I give Ian and his business a 10 star rating and fully recommend him.
Troy Melanson Jun 11, 2017
Paul Popison

Wow are you guys for real? Started talking with Ian about a design, the design flourished, became a thing of beauty with back and forth of emails. Next thing I know my sign is made, Pickup next day. Holy crap. This is outstanding. The best thing is the sign is working. I have already made more from the sign than it cost me. Will use again. thank you.

Paul Popison Dec 8, 2016
Carla Siddal

I have worked with Ian for several years he has always been abliging and helpful.  He works with my ideas and helps me better them. the fished product is also always ready much much sooner  then I enitionally antisipated! - great work -great prices 5 out of 5 !-thank you !​

Carla Siddal Nov 3, 2016
Dawn McCully

i love going business with Ian and his family. I have always had great service ,  fast turn about and all at a reasonable price. Parrsboro is very fortunate to have such a business in our town. Thanks Ian and Cheryl

Dawn McCully Oct 14, 2016
Jiveney Trecartin

I have had several custom mugs made at Profusion Business Centre, where I send the design and work with Ian to create a final product that I am happy with. The prices are extremely reasonable and usually on the same day or next day, my custom order is ready for pick up! It's a great place to have gifts made for the people in your life who have everything, and I am happy to support a local business in my community.

Jiveney Trecartin Sep 22, 2016
Trider's Craft Beer

Exceptional service by Ian at Profusion. Not only did he provide us with top quality screen printed shirts,  he also hand delivered them the following day of placing the order! Proof that customer service lives on in the maritimes!

Trider's Craft Beer Aug 26, 2016
Dick Lemon

Ian is doing what many of us in high quality service business should do. He does his production  in an older  farm house in an out of way part of Nova Scotia which is but nowhere near any commerce.  he does exceptional work:  quick, imaginative, offering great initiatives, keeping in mind my big picture for the job, not his.  oddly he is very busy with no customer... read more

Dick Lemon Aug 21, 2016
Jack Drover, Sackville Golf Club

Very, very cooperative and supportive in the process. The final products ( signage ) were excellent, very reasonable pricing, and most importantly the signs were ready for pickup within 48 hours of sign-off.

Highly recommend.

Jack Drover, Sackville Golf Club Aug 19, 2016
Bruce McCulloch

I was very pleased with the service provided by Ian to create promotional Vanity license plates. Ian designed three excellent options from which to choose, and was very quick in creating the final product. I would highly recommend the TeeShirtery to anyone.

Bruce McCulloch Aug 4, 2016
David Towns

I definitely need to sing the praises of Ian Black of The TeeShirtery here in Parrsboro.   Ian has done some wonderful work for us, coming up with shirts in large numbers on very short notice for our community choir, taking and creating some innovative signs and then, over and above the call of duty, managing to produce, again on extremely short notice, one extra tee when I had miscounted the number I needed to order.   It was only due to Ian's willingness... read more

David Towns Jul 7, 2016
Johnny M

I don't normally write things like this but I have to on this occasion. I had occasion to work with Ian. Now if your looking for a yes man. Ian ain't your guy. if your looking for someone who will tell you your ideas are the greatest. Again thats not Ian. If your not wanting a seeming appology of "sorry it took so long", accompanied with a wry smile don't go and see Ian. Now initially this may seem like a negative thing but I am here to tell you you couldn... read more

Johnny M Jun 23, 2016
Jacqueline Wilson

Since we've moved to Parrsboro in 2012 and opened our business, Amethyst Boutique, we have used Ian's services on a number of different occasions (including our store's signage).  We have always been impressed with his professionalism, creative ideas and quick turn around time - going above and beyond!!!

Last week, he went and did it again!!!  The prom committee asked if I would be able to help with their posters and tickets... read more

Jacqueline Wilson Jun 13, 2016
Kate Elms

Today I visited Ian at his shop in Parrsboro, as I was in need of a logo for a new business.  I read the reviews and his blog posts, which resonated with me as a new business owner, and since I am a very visual person, I wanted to work with someone in person, rather than over the phone or email as I know I would not have been able to articulate what I was looking for.  Admittedly, I was nervous to take this step toward... read more

Kate Elms Jun 4, 2016
Neil Hertlein

My business is based in the U.K., and I'm in Germany. The Profusion Business Centre has been a godsend for me. Ian quickly designed my logo, and tweaked my business page, to a very high standard.
He has given me lots of advice and support, coaching. I'm looking forward to working together with Profusion in the future. 
I couldn't think of a better company to support my business.

Thanks for all your hard work Ian

Neil Hertlein May 17, 2016
Rhicon Piling Ltd

Would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian and the team @ Profusion Business Centre for all the assistance and ongoing support in setting up our IT system, at our UK based company Rhicon Piling Ltd. I guess there are an uncountable amount companies, within the UK, that could have offered this service but, the extent of support offered by Ian made the difference. 

Rhicon Piling Ltd May 16, 2016
Paul Green

Even though my business is based in the  UK I find it easy to work with Ian at ProFusion Business center. The speed and professionalism is outstanding, i Used him for Logo design for my business. He gives me Business consultation, has recently been tweaking my Facebook page and emails to generate more business. With the internet world being world wide, such a great ocean between us has been closed and feel... read more

Paul Green May 13, 2016

Just had a beautiful sign made for the Entrance to the Campground, that i manage for the Town of Parrsboro. I am always impressed with Ian Black's work, as i have had him due numberous sign,s for us. I would highly Recomend his Buisness  at The TeeShirterey & sign shop !    Resp, John  Best.

JOHN BEST May 13, 2016
Peter Fournier

Starting our small business has been fun and exciting, and terrifying in equal measures. Sometimes we have questions or worries that we want to run by othes. In these instances, Ian at Profusion had been an out standing resource. He is very technically minded and creative in equal measures. We would highly recommend Profusion without reservation. He walks us thorough what we need in small easy to digest chunks. He gives us the bigger picture so as not to worry us, but takes it nice and slow at our pace. A great person to have on your team.

Peter Fournier May 12, 2016
Taylor Redmond

If a person can envision what they want, (or if they can not), Ian can make it happen. A good listener putting terrific skills into action, producing durable signage within a professional time line. Ian is also accommodating when deadlines jump ahead of us. By locating his business in the rural community of Parrsboro, Ian has made many things possible. 

Taylor Redmond Apr 25, 2016

Ian has been great with the computer stuff (about which i admittedly know nothing) but I especially like the metal-backed signs he made for the office--they are durable, moveable, and they clean in a good rain!

thanks Ian!

George P

I have to say I have used Tshirtery for a couple of years now. I get all my tshirts printed by them. Then sent to me and I then pass onto my customer. I'm very happy with everything from the service speed to the  quality. It all ads up to keeping me returning tiem and time again. It's how this company works with my company that helps keep me in business and keeps my customers coming back to me which in turn keeps me coming back to tshirtery. 

George P Apr 23, 2016

We had a huge issue being seen as a company. We was for all intents and purposes invisable. We was a little off the beaten track. Through an exisitng customer of Teeshirtery we were encouraged to contact them. after playing phone tag a couple of times we eventually got to speak. We can confirm you will always be called back, if a call back is required. I am so glad we did. When we connected the ideas, were literally like a volcano erupting. We could do thi... read more

David Apr 23, 2016
Harriet McCready

Ian is great to work with... always helpful, creative, offers good suggestions to make the project better.

Harriet McCready Apr 22, 2016
Barb and Dale Morris

The cards advertising our little "hobby" shop were done with the utmost of professionalism.  They were designed by Ian and more than pleased with his expertise in the final outcome.  Those dropping in do not leave without one!

His workmanship shows in the signs throughout our town and beyond with precise detail and fast service no matter what you are looking for.  We would not hesitate to recommend him for his work - no job is too small for Ian!  Thankful we have this service in our area....proud of it...you bet.

Barb and Dale Morris Apr 22, 2016

"If you're looking to get a new business card or a new t-shirt, check out  the TeeShirtery in Parrsboro. Owner Ian Black really knows how to get the job done. He provides super-fast and friendly service and his designs are top notch. From now on, he's my go-to guy for this kind of work"

Robert Apr 6, 2016

Great local place to shop. Turn around quick service. If you need something, just ask, he will no doubt have it, or can get it. Great community shop as well. Always thinking up new ways of doing things and things to do. Love going into this shop and taking company there. Great job, he has done work for me and it has been outstanding! Highly recommend it!!

Heather Apr 5, 2016

I am truly grateful for the hard work that was performed on my lap top computer today. I am so happy because this tool was my communication tool and my lines were interrupted with my family and friends in Ontario. Ian's work performance is more than excellent. Thank you so much for this service and I would highly recommend your Services to anyone that needs computer work. Also his business practices are personable.

Janet Apr 4, 2016
Dads Country Market

Best place ever to have signs done. i can't believe how fast they get things done. you did an amazing job on our signs for Dad's Country Market. Thanks so much.

Dads Country Market Apr 1, 2016
Parrsboro Fire Dept

Excellent customer service, which is a hard thing to find these days! All orders our Fire Department have placed have been completed days before we expected. Thanks for your hard work!

Parrsboro Fire Dept Feb 15, 2016
Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did, once again,on my photo coffee mug.
It's a fun way to save a memory for someone special, especially the person who is hard to buy for. The first one I purchased was for a man turning 97 years old and I have to say each time he uses his coffee mug with the photo of the sail... read more
Darlene Feb 15, 2016