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For three years, Ian Black has been our mainstay for all things graphic for Ottawa House Museum in Parrsboro. Our new interpretive plan involved a complete redesign of everything from our logo to small directional signs, large interpretive panels and roadside signs. 

Fast and talented, Ian takes one’s ideas to a much higher level with his quick and creative mind and magic fingers! And when there is a blank page for him to start with, there is no limit to what he can dream up. 

His business is a tremendous asset to this small town; we are fortunate indeed to have such a service so close at hand. 

Harriet McCready


Randy Mosher

Randy Mosher on Nov 17, 2018

I am both the Custodian and the Interpretive Plan Chairman for the Ottawa House Museum in Parrsboro. Ian has been invaluable in helping our Historical Society with the rehabilitation and upgrade of our Museum. His creative input - "thinking outside the box", his designs, the rapid production and installation of both basic signage and many, many "Interpretive Panels" is second to none.

As Volunteers, our Society managed hundreds of thousands of dollars and many suppliers during the project. We were so very lucky to be able to work with many local firms. Everyone took pride in the preservation of a local historical landmark.

When we struggled with "how to tell a certain story", Ian often helped us overcome our "writers block" and the results were wonderful. In my view, successful completion of our Interpretive Plan would not have been possible (or nearly as fun!) without Ian.