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For three years, Ian Black has been our mainstay for all things graphic for Ottawa House Museum in Parrsboro. Our new interpretive plan involved a complete redesign of everything from our logo to small directional signs, large interpretive panels and roadside signs. 

Fast and talented, Ian takes one’s ideas to a much higher level with his quick and creative mind and magic fingers! And when there is a blank page for him to start with, there is no limit to what he can dream up. 

His business is a tremendous asset to this small town; we are fortunate indeed to have such a service so close at hand. 

Harriet McCready


Dick Lemon

Dick Lemon on Aug 21, 2016

Ian is doing what many of us in high quality service business should do. He does his production  in an older  farm house in an out of way part of Nova Scotia which is but nowhere near any commerce.  he does exceptional work:  quick, imaginative, offering great initiatives, keeping in mind my big picture for the job, not his.  oddly he is very busy with no customers anywhere in view, up or down the small highway . I do work in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Santa fe and will try to use him for most of  those.  I have a summer place near (10km) from his place so I discovered his work by accident.