We take our pricing very seriously, We have built up our pricing software over many years and Are we always the cheapest. No! Do we want to be the cheapest NO! Would you ask for the cheapest Lawyer when you need one? Or the Cheapest brakes for your car? Cheapest heart surgeon? No! No! NO! (I Hope)!

Do we try to be the most cost effective. Yes! Do we offer fair pricing Yes. Do we offer better pricing the more you order Yes, for sure.

We have been doing this for a very long time. Something we have learnt is it’s very difficult to compare apple – to apples. Our pricing is very easy the price we quote is the price you will pay. Sounds simple and obvious doesn’t it. But when compared with others, it’s not so simple. Are there additional fees that are sneaked in? Not with us. But we have certainly seen it with others. Additional design fees (you weren’t expecting) additional this and an additional that. All adds to invoice shock.

Is there shocks with us. No. We will quote you a price and we will charge you the same price. (even if we messed up and charged you less than we should) we stand by the quote.

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