Ian is the person in charge of the crayons. He is the senior designer and owns Design Studio 243.  Ian had built Design Studio 243 from a small “cutter” to what you can see today. His production covers nearly 3,000 sf of space and utilizes industrial equipment.

Tell us something about Design Studio 243…

We are a small independant professional graphic design & printing company based in beautiful Parrsboro Nova Scotia. We belive in having a good time whilst doing what we love and we do love what we do.

 A little known fact about Ian, he is physically unable to play any musical instruments! He genuinly couldn’t get a decent tune from a radio. But thats ok he excels in many other areas. He tells us.

We have a Main street store in Parrsboro. We also have our own in-house printing facility that allows us to do our own in-house printing. This allows us the privelidge of having a turnaround time tohers can only envy. We have also recently aquired a folding machine allowing us to automate the folding of leaflets and brochures etc. We have also aquired a custom label printing machine. This all ensures we have a much quicker turnaround than most. Uniquely this also gives us a much better insight into how designs can tranfer to the desired mediums.

Call us and we will be happy to find something that works for you, for your budget and for your business – 902-728-1833. or visit our contact us page. Alternativly you could txt us either directly to 902-728-1833, or click the little text bubble in the lower right corner of our website. if you prefer, you can email us at website@ds243.com or use our contacts page. We really are that easy to contact. page1image38788224

Our clients include indivduals looking for mugs, small businesses like plumbers, electricians, looking for business cards and vehicle graphics. Then retail stores and spas for store signage. Schools, corporation, looking for all the above and tshirts for uniforms, Accomodation providers looking for the best way to promote their unique offerings. Museums for external and internal signage and banners. to towns looking for road signage and directional signage. Even people running for political office have enjoyed our services. Our customers really do come from all walks of life with every type of budget. We always work closely with you to ensure your continued satisfaction. Just check out our Testimonial page.

Contact us now to see saving money is only part of the equation. We want you to prosper, to grow, to succeed. In us helping you to do that. You help us succeed as well.

Customer on occasion have asked if we are on social media. We are not. Proudly so. We was. But the neverending deathscroll was such a time waster, we realized we were not part of the solution, but part of the problem. So we deleted all our accounts (there may be the odd unserviced facebook page). But generally everything was deleted. We felt better for it. It gave us more time to dedicate to our customers, and more time for our family. It feels good. 🙂

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243 Main Street, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada


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902 728 1833